About Me:

My name is Camille Foster I was born and raised in beautiful Bay Area California. I am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Occupational Therapy at Pacific University in Hillsboro, OR. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from San Francisco State University with a Bachelor’s degree in medical anthropology. While studying medical anthropology, I began to understand the importance of clinical cultural competency and how culture influences the experience of injury, as well as the practice of medicine and the process of healing. I  have clinical experiences in pediatrics, early intervention, adult inpatient rehabilitation, long-term care/ memory care and acute care. During my time off I enjoy cooking, hiking, traveling, camping, fly fishing and spending time with my friends and family.


This site is designed for you to navigate through my educational, personal and professional journey in the transformation from an eager student to a health and social practitioner.

Mission Statement:

As an occupational therapist, my mission is to empower people to live their lives to their fullest and assist them in achieving their maximum potential with passion and understanding. I look forward to helping people adapt to their environment and teach them the skills for success. My true passion is to get people outside and experience all the therapeutic benefits that nature can bring us all.